This page shows deprivation based on health data and access to health resources across Scotland’s simd zones using data published by the Scottish Government in Jan 2020.  Health status has a big influence on overall deprivation because of its impact on a wide range of social measures such as mobility, employment opportunities and as a result of these – income.

The most deprived zones are depicted in purple and the least deprived zones in green and the zones are grouped into decile ranges. There is a pop-up if you hover over a zone which provides additional information: Data Zone ID, Local Authority plus the ranks for overall-SIMD2020, income_domain2020, health-domain2020 and employment-domain2020.

This is a large file (approx. 30mb) because it contains map coordinates necessary to draw the 6976 data zones. It takes 3 – 4 seconds to load – so please be patient. Once it downloads you will be able to move it around and zoom in to visualise areas in more detail. Densely populated areas appear black before you zoom in because the data zones are tightly packed but will become clearer in close up view. Shetland isles are just off the top of the map but are visible when the chart is pulled down.


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