Population Estimates in Scotland’s Deprived Zones

Population in Deprived Zones by Council: Overall SIMD 2020 Rank

The Scottish Government publishes data following completion of the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) survey every four years which provides a set of relative measures of deprivation.  The most recent survey, SIMD 2020, was released in Jan 2020.  For the SIMD analysis Scotland is split up into 6976 individual datazones each with a population of approximately 700 to 800 and each zone is ranked relative to all other zones based on its overall degree of deprivation.  See Gov.Scot for details.

The chart shows the numbers of citizens living in deprived zones in each of Scotland’s local councils.  Note that the deprivation rank reflects the datazone average, not all households in a datazone will be subject to the same level of deprivation.  The analysis was carried out by grouping all of the SIMD rank values into 10 bands (deciles) where decile-1 (deep purple) represents the 10%  most deprived zones through to the least deprived (decile-10, dark green).  Total population for each of the datazones in each decile was summed for each council.  In the chart, local councils with higher numbers of inhabitants in deprived zones compared will have larger purple bands extending across the graph.  The chart is also sorted such that councils with the greatest number of inhabitants in the most deprived deciles positioned at the top.  The total size of the stacked bar for each council (i.e. all 10 decile bands) represents its total population.


Results based on the 20% most deprived zones in Scotland
Glasgow City Council has the highest number of citizens living in Scotland’s 20% most deprived areas (deciles 1 and 2) with 268,200 people which represents 43% of its total population.  This is more than twice that of the next ranking council, North Lanarkshire with 111,700 people (33% of its total population) living in the two most deprived zones.  Fife with 73,7500 people in deprived zones (20% of its population) and South Lanarkshire with 62,900 people in deprived zones (also 20% of its population) have the third and fourth highest numbers of citizens living in deprived zones.

Table of Results
The table shows the population residing in the 20% most deprived zones, the percentage of the council’s population in the 20% most deprived zone and the total population of each council.  Data from SIMD 2020 published by the Scottish Government Jan 2020.

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