Deprivation in South Ayrshire: SIMD 2020

SIMD 2020 South Ayrshire

SIMD is the output of many analytical processes used by the Scottish Government to systematically analyse and measure deprivation across the whole of Scotland.

The map depicts the three local authorities that make up the old Ayrshire county.  The most deprived zones are depicted in purple and the least deprived zones in green and the zones are grouped into decile ranges. There is a pop-up if you hover over a zone which provides additional information.

South Ayrshire
South Ayrshire is split into 153 SIMD 2020 zones of which 15 are in decile 1 – i.e. in the top 10% most deprived areas in Scotland. This includes four of the six zones making up Ayr North Harbour, Wallacetown and Newton South, three of the four Dalmilling zones and four of six Lochside, Braehead and Whitletts zones.  Notably, of the 27 South Ayrshire zones that are included in deciles 1 and 2, Scotland’s 20% most deprived areas, only four of these have improved their rank compared to other nationwide zones since SIMD 2016.  This does not necessarily mean that they have become more deprived since 2016, they could be improving albeit at a lower rate than lower ranking zones in other local authorities.

Note that the output from the SIMD 2020 analysis complex and deprivation in this context should be considered a measure of more than just income and health but also of access to and opportunities for employment and education. Similar data exists in the rest of the UK although slightly different approaches may be used. The Scottish Government updates SIMD every four years to provide comprehensive measures of deprivation to inform policy makers and action groups as to the regional and local differences in deprivation. SIMD 2020 includes analysis of many factors contributing to deprivation: health, income, education, employment, housing, local crime rates and access (rural services and isolation).  On this page the map shows the whole of the former county of Ayrshire which is now split up into three local authority areas: North Ayrshire, East Ayrshire and South Ayrshire.   South Ayrshire zones can be identified using the popup information.

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