Scottish Primary Schools League Tables

Scottish Primary Schools Ranks and League Tables Current Year 2023 This website collates primary school information for the whole of Scotland based on the 1989 primary schools included in the performance data was prepared by the Scottish Government (Scot Gov). Because there are so many primary schools this page provides summary level data and a […]

Scottish Secondary Schools Performance Review

Scottish secondary school league tables as published annually by the Scottish Government and reported widely by the press (and indeed this website in full: see Scotland’s Secondary School League Tables).  They are a one year snapshot of school pupil performance based on data published annually by the Education Dept on a Scottish Government website.   […]

Scottish Secondary School League Tables

Scotland’s Secondary School League Tables Updated for data published 2023 Scotland’s secondary schools have been ranked for 2023 according to pupil attainment in the Highers examinations at the end of the 2012-22 academic year using data recently published by the Scottish Government. Each of the 346 secondary schools were ranked based on the percentage of […]

Secondary School Survey Scotland 2022

Scotland’s Secondary School League Tables 2022 There is an updated version of this post based on new data for 2023 Scotland’s Secondary School League Tables Scotland’s secondary schools ranked according to pupil attainment in the higher examinations for school year 2020-21.  Schools were ranked based on the number of students gaining a pass in five […]

Primary School Ranks Scotland

Scottish Primary School Performance Map Primary school performance data (best to worst) on a map of Scotland showing results from all the ~1500 schools that provided returns. Download school performance data by local authority. Go to Map Go to Downloads The Scottish Government (Scot Gov) has provided school level data for Scotland’s primary schools according […]

Scotland school ranks by exam performance

Scotland’s Best Secondary School: Ranks & Catchment Areas This site provides a free one-stop overview of Scotland’s best secondary schools ranks and catchment areas.  Results are based on 2019 highers’ results – the last year when students sat exams.  Scotland’s best performing schools (band 1) are coloured in dark green and the lowest attainment schools […]

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